Ready to achieve your running goals with some pro coaching?

We offer a range of packages to suit your needs:
  • Training App for recreational runners
  • Online coaching for those looking for more of a personal touch
  • Day-to-day coaching for pro runners or those looking to elevate their running to a new level
Running App
£14.99 per month

From Couch to 5k to Half-Marathon programs, 80+ interval sessions for building fitness, conditioning exercises and more. 


Built by Olympic level coaches and World leading Scientists, brought together in our App for the Everyday Runner.

Online Programs
£100 per month

Tailored training program for your chosen event. Delivered on TrainingPeaks with regular communication online.

Day-toDay Coaching
Price on Request

Pro level coaching, day-to-day communication and training program.

Support at home and on altitude training camps. 


Whether training for fitness, your first race or a new personal best, we can help support your goals. 

We cater for beginners all the way through to pro runners. By working with LAP 25, feel part of a bigger team. Use our training programs, key insights from our exclusive content, support our pro runners at the Olympics and even wear our kit! 

Be part of something unique!