LAP 25 was created using scientific knowledge and coaching know how to optimise the preparation of the best endurance runners in the world. Tested repeatedly at the highest level of Olympic sport over a period of 4 Olympiads.


LAP 25 represents the relentless pursuit of excellence. 


The 25th lap in a 10,000m - and the 25th lap after two 5,000m races (a heat and a final) - at the Olympic Games and World Championships is the last lap and ultimately where the race is won or lost.


LAP 25 is the story of how to achieve incredible success at the highest level of sport, again and again.


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Dr Barry Fudge founded LAP 25 in 2013 following 3 successful years supporting Mo Farah to 2 Olympic Golds in London 2012 and 3 World titles and a silver medal at the World Athletics Championships in 2011 and 2013.


Since then Mo Farah has gone on to achieve a further 2 Olympic titles in Rio 2016 and 3 World titles and a silver medal at the World Athletics Championships in 2015 and 2017 with Barry at his side.

With 16+ years of experience in elite athletics, Barry's previous roles have included Senior Physiologist, Head of Science, and Head of Endurance for the English Institute of Sport and British Athletics.



Hustled, jostled. Surrounded by teams of east Africans trying to squeeze and push you away from a smooth race. If you don't run sub 2.25 for the last 1km you go home with nothing. If you don't run sub 54 sec for the last lap no medals, no legacy, just silence and defeat.

As a sport scientist, the job is to point out and support the building blocks needed to prevail in those moments. And it happens months and a years before what you witness at the time.
First, you have to be very clear about what the non-negotiables are to even get the medal conversation. Sub 12:57 for 5,000m, sub 26:40 for 10,000m, sub 2.25 for the last 1km and sub 54s for the last lap. 52 kg racing weight and be able to complete 20k of the championship running within 6 days.

Once you identify the end result you work back on the process needed to get there.

A comprehensive training program that builds speed and endurance at the same time. Short to long to build speed and long to short to build endurance. You need to have a tried and tested altitude plan covering 20 weeks exposure that you know works. You need to organise the therapy and conditioning to support and be robust enough for 120-mile weeks on one end, and the technique and power needed for 50s last laps on the other. Finally, you need to taper into the championships calmly ticking off all the major milestones and workouts as you countdown the days and the pressure increases.

If you do all that you are in the medal conversation. The athlete has confidence they can stand on the start line knowing they are ready and are prepared.

We called it Own the Start Line.