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Our story is based on truly understanding what it takes to execute in the last lap of a championship 10,000m final, that is, LAP 25. 

LAP 25 is built on the premise of using scientific knowledge to enhance the preparation of the best athletes in the world to perform when it truly matters most.



We provide online courses for aspiring sport scientists and coaches on key concepts related to executing when it matters most in elite sport


We provide unique insight from high performance sport to individuals & businesses as well as providing direct support for organisations in elite sport


We inspire a virtual community of runners of all abilities: 


  • Training App for recreational runners 

  • Online coaching for sub-elite runners 

  • Day-to-day coaching for elite runners 


Barry Fudge is a highly motivated and experienced performance leader operating successfully in professional sport over a period of 4 Olympiads who is globally recognised as a performance expert with multiple peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and speaking engagements. 

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