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Be part of the story. Own the start line.


LAP 25 was created using scientific knowledge and coaching know how to optimise the preparation of the best endurance runners in the world. Tested repeatedly at the highest level of Olympic sport over a period of 4 Olympiads.

LAP 25 represents the relentless pursuit of excellence. 

The 25th lap in a 10,000m - and the 25th lap after two 5,000m races (a heat and a final) - at the Olympic Games and World Championships is the last lap and ultimately where the race is won or lost.


LAP 25 is the story of how to achieve incredible success at the highest level of sport, again and again.


To wear our kit is to own the start line.


To own the start line means to understand what it takes to reach your target. It means making your goals concrete and detailed. It means taking consistent action day after day until the job is done. It means doing it now, not tomorrow. It means enjoying the success of achieving your goals. 

Be relentless, be accountable, be powerful, be in control, own the start line.

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